Aero Power Unit (APU 4.0)


The APU 4.0 system serves to supply power for all Riegl scanners, the FMS CCNS4 and the AEROcontrol of IGI. All devices are individual switchable via remote control.
In the APU, the switching operations are realized with advanced electronics. No relays are used. The internal battery can supply power to all instruments. Thus a system test before the engine is turned on is possible. When refueling the aircraft the sensor system can also run on the APU. The batteries are charged as soon as on-board power is supplied, The APU 4.0 is equipped with a polarity reversal protection. Thus, damages to the systems is history. The batteries can easily be replaced or removed for shipment abroad.

Technical Specifications
  • input voltage: DC 22V – 30V
  • output: 24V DC 7x, max. 30A total
  • output: 230V AC max. 250W
  • LAN switch Ethernet 4x 1Gb
  • battery capacity: 2x 12V 12Ah
  • dimensions APU 4.0: W = 520mm, H = 153mm, D = 400mm
  • weight with battery: 25 Kg
  • weight without battery: 17 Kg
  • dimensions APU RC 4.0: W = 170mm, H = 90mm, T = 35mm
  • weight: 25 Kg

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10. March 2016


Carolin Ulrich