Aero Oblique System (AOS-T)


The AOS-T is used for the automatic capture of oblique aerial images with four thermographic cameras and four RGB cameras.
Oblique perspectives are captured from all overflown objects.

The AOS-T can be mounted in airplanes or helicopters with platforms, e. g. GSM 2000 / 3000 / 4000, which have an inner diameter of min. 390 mm. All common flight management systems can be used to control the AOS-T. There is a connection for release and event.

A novel Oblique Camera System, consisting of 4 thermal cameras and 4 RGB cameras, has been developed by Airborne Technical Systems (ATS) in collaboration with the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.


The flyer for AOS-T is available in .pdf format → here.

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24. November 2017


Carolin Ulrich