Airborne Multispectral Camera


The AMC-6 is a world first. It is a high-resolution multispectral aerial camera which consists of six cameras with 30 megapixels each, eight spectral channels are captured.

The AMC-6 contains five monochrome cameras and one RGB camera. The AMC-6 can be mounted on all stabilisation platforms such as a GSM4000 from SOMAG. It can be controlled with all known flight management systems, e.g. the CCNS/5 from IGI.

The image data is stored on removable SSD hard drives and can be converted to Tiff format. If higher resolutions are required, the AMC-6 can also be equipped with cameras from Phase One. The spectral filters of the monochrome cameras can be changed by the customer, even when the AMC-6 is installed in the aircraft.

Application-specific filter sets, which can also be exchanged according to customer requirements, enable a wide range of applications, for instance:

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Water monitoring
  • Forest condition monitoring
  • Precision farming
  • 3D city models
  • Aerial Mapping & Surveying
  • Digital terrain and surface models

The flyer for AMC-6 is available in .pdf format → here.


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16. February 2024


Carolin Ulrich